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Support for Data Intelligence products

OPC Software Platform:

dataFEED OPC Suite, OPC Server Siemens, OPC Server B&R, OPC Server Modbus, OPC Server Rockwell, OPC Server Mitsubishi, OPC Tunnel


OPC Classic Development Toolkits, OPC UA Development Toolkits

IoT gateways:

IoT Starter Kit, uaGate SI, uaGate MB, edgeGate, echocollect, echochange, echolink S7-compact, TIA Exporter, echolink, one2PROFINET, S5-TCP/IP-100

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Support for Data Networks produts

Network Diagnostics:

PROFIBUS Tester 5, Analyzer IE / PRO, TH SCOPE, TH LINKs, BC-230-PB, BC-200-ETH, NetXpert 1400 IE, WireXpert 500 IE

PC interface cards:

PC/104, PC/104 Plus, PCI, Compact PCI, PCI Express

Fieldbus gateways and mobile interfaces:

mbGate PA, pnGate PA, pnGate PB, FG-200, epGate PN, PBpro ETH, mobiLink, FFusb, CANpro USB

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