Integration of OPC Classic communication for automation environments based on Windows

Data Access (DA), Alarms & Events (AE) – OPC Connectivity Integration Made Easy

OPC UA Demo Client Softing‘s dataFEED OPC Classic SDK is world‘s leading software for the quick and easy development of OPC Classic Clients and Servers for Windows, fully compliant to the standard. OPC Classic SDK allows developers to focus on their actual project goals without having to worry about the intricacies of the OPC specification and the DCOM technology.

Please note:
This product was discontinued on March 31, 2021.
The dataFEED OPC Classic SDK is now available for free and open source on GitHub.


Proven Performance

  • Continuously enhanced since 1997 in response to evolving technologies
  • In use in several thousand OPC products at more than 1,600 companies around the world
  • Ideal for time-critical control tasks as well as complex projects comprising several hundred thousand items
  • Fitting to wide range of Windows development environments and target systems

Easy-to-Use Integration Interface

  • Intuitive C++ and .NET API
  • Integrated wizards for easy application generation
  • Quick start with easy-to-understand documentation, tutorial and sample projects

Short Time-to-Market

  • Extensive OPC DA and OPC AE library, adapted to customer requirements
  • Automatic generation of OPC project
  • Complete functionality for accessing OPC Namespace or Event Area, OPC Items as well as for event and method call handling
  • Only implementation of product-specific business logic required, no need to learn details of OPC specifications or DCOM and SOAP technologies
  • Saving of several months of work

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