MQTT Connector

Secure Transmission of Production Data in IoT Cloud Applications

dataFEED MQTT Connector enables the simple and efficient integration of production environments including their data in IoT (Internet of Things) and Industrie 4.0 solutions. The MQTT Publisher functionality allows production data to be transferred to a broker or directly into IoT Cloud or Big Data applications on Microsoft Azure IoT, Amazon AWS and IBM platforms. The flexible, freely definable and adaptable JSON data format enables adaptation to the respective formats of the cloud solutions.

A private or public cloud can be used for further processing and analyzing the process data.


Gateway to IoT clouds via MQTT

  • Easy control integration into IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Cost savings through inclusion of existing OPC Classic components in MQTT applications
  • Use of non-MQTT-ready components like Siemens S5 controllers into IoT cloud applications, e.g. in Microsoft Azure
  • Recipe manager functionality for writing back process data from the cloud to controllers (MQTT Subscriber)
  • No changes to control program required
  • Direct connection of IoT devices (MQTT Publisher) without using an MQTT Broker

Easy configuration

  • State-of-the-art, intuitive graphical user interface for rapid configuration of MQTT communication
  • Use of intelligent, practice-oriented defaults, setup wizards and drag-and-drop support
  • Freely definable and adjustable JSON data format

State-of-the-art security

  • High data security provided to production applications
  • Protection against data loss through Store&Forward function: Intermediate storage of data in the event of disconnection and automatic transmission after connection reactivation
  • Support of all security mechanisms defined by
  • MQTT standard, e.g. SSL encryption
  • Authentication by user name and password including user certificate
  • Data encryption using multiple encryption algorithms

Order Information

Scope of Delivery  
Software dataFEED OPC Suite, dowload via Softing website
License key By e-mail or on USB dongle
Documentation Manual in PDF format, online help in English and German
Order Numbers

dataFEED OPC Suite Extended License, Version V5.x, including:

  • all supported PLC protocols and protocols for IoT cloud access
  • support of OPC UA including Store And Forward Server Mode
  • simultaneous access to a total of up to 100 OPC UA Servers, OPC Servers and OPC Tunnel Servers
  • as well as further functionalities such as data preprocessing, data logging and recipe management, Data Exchange, Optimizer, Concentrator and Bridge
  • including all future extensions within the main version V5.x
HUA-DD-130001 USB Hardware Key for dataFEED OPC Suite, Version V4.01 and subsequent, replacing standard Software Key
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TSA-DY-140001 Training “Industry 4.0 Communication in Practice“

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