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We believe that the Industrial IoT Starter Kit (IISK) is the fastest and easiest way to securely link your production line to the cloud. If you are looking for a solution that will get you started quickly and help you grow as you discover new insights, choose the plug-and-play solution that brings together the power of HPE hardware, Softing software, and Microsoft Azure. 

How does IISK cloud-enable your business?

Trusted providers Set up in less than a dayAnalytics and visualizationSecurityIndustry StandardsOne-time Investment
Utilize HPE hardware with software from Softing to link the physical factory floor and the capabilities of Microsoft Azure cloudIntuitive setup and connectivity. Link the production line to the cloud without complicated configuration. Typically have a first end-to-end solution running in less than a dayUtilize your data to gain valuable business insights immediately and improve operational efficiencySecurely connect without modifying existing firewalls or security policiesComply with the OPC UA interoperability standard for industrial communication and benefit from proven security, extensibility, and investment protection for your solutionWhile you may deploy IISK in a lab environment first, it provides all capabilities and strengths for a deployment in your production environment. 

The components of IISK

About Hewlett Packard Enterprise

 HPE Edgeline EL20 Intelligent Gateway

Mid-level rugged compute solution designed to operate in industrial environments. This performance gateway comes optimally configured with CPU, memory, connectivity and an expansive I/O selection including four-port Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) plus 1 x 8 bit digital input/output (DIO) addressing a host of Internet of Things (loT) needs.

The HPE Edgeline EL20 Intelligent Gateway enables customers to analyze data streams in real-time, so that they can make sound decisions with reliable analysis.

About Softing 

 Softing dataFEED OPC Suite

A proven all-in-one solution for OPC communication and industrial cloud connectivity.

dataFEED OPC Suite easily connects controllers from leading manufacturers and sends process-, machine- and other data reliably to the cloud. dataFEED OPC Suite offers maximum security and complies with the OPC UA interoperability standard for industrial communication.

About Microsoft


 Window 10 IoT Enterprise edition Connected factory Azure IoT Pre-Configured Solution
Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise offers advanced protection against modern security threats, has flexible deployment, update, and support options. It provides comprehensive device and app management and control.Quickly deploy an end to end solution to visualize and analyze your factory data. With inbuilt Azure services including Azure IoT Hub and the new Azure Time Series Insights coupled with the OPC Foundation’s cross-platform OPC UA Net Standard Library reference stack.


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