Gateway for connecting the production line to the cloud

Data acquisition and edge computing for manufacturing with IoT on a cloud basis

Industrial IoT Starter Kit provides an easy entry into the improvement of the overall system effectiveness (OEE) and the analysis of the manufacturing process on a cloud basis. The pre-installed dataFEED OPC Suite enables access to process and machine data in controllers from leading manufacturers such as Siemens SIMATIC S7, Rockwell ControlLogix, B&R and Mitsubishi.

The support of Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge allows the distribution and deployment of workloads via the respective cloud platform. The effort to set up an initial IoT solution for production is very low, while open standards such as OPC UA offer full flexibility for future expansions.

Industrial IoT Starter Kit has been certified for use with Amazon AWS IoT Greengrass and Microsoft Azure IoT Edge.


Manufacturing IoT With Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure

  • Support for Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure reference architectures
  • Equally suited for deployment in production as well as for proof of concepts in laboratory environments
  • Pre-installation of complete software stack for production connectivity and edge computing

Best-in-Class Connectivity

  • Access to various data sources (controllers, sensors, OPC UA/OPC Classic Server, ...)
  • Suitable for data acquisition in brownfield and greenfield integration projects
  • No change of security and firewall settings or any other modifications in automation network required

Industrial Grade Solution

  • Reliability of dataFEED OPC Suite proven in more than 10,000 installations
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded operating system
  • Robust Hardware (HPE GL20)

Flexible, Open, Easy to Use

  • Flexible and secure architecture, supporting OPC UA and other standards
  • Minimized configuration and system integration effort
  • Easy to use, no expert knowledge required
  • Link of production line to Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure in less than a day

Order Information

Scope of Delivery 
HardwareHPE Gatewayline GL20
SoftwarePre-installed, including dataFEED OPC Suite
Order Numbers 
CCA-YY-140001Industrial IoT Starter Kit
Additional Products and Services 
GAA-DX-145111uaGate SI
GAA-YE-145133uaGate MB

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