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    Industrial References

    We describe some examples of successful implementation of our products. Find background information about interesting application cases.

Wenger Manufacturing

“Over the course of the project, Softing technical experts went above and beyond the call of duty to answer our questions, often making themselves available off-hours,” says Andrew McClaskey, Process Director at Wenger. “Their high level of service accelerated the configuration process within our Technical Center.”

Product: eATM tManager ControlLogix

Schneider Electric

„Both of the teams at Schneider Electric and the oilfield operating company were very happy with the gateway technology and the support provided by Softing.”

George Melico, Lead Engineer at Schneider Electric

Product: FG-200


„Emerson customers can extend their asset management to field devices that are not connected to Emersons' DeltaV and Ovation control systems using the FG-200. That's an enormous advantage.”

Marcos Peluso, Distinguished Technologist/PlantWeb Technology at Emerson

Product: FG-200

DNR Process Solutions

„The main reason for choosing pnGate PA was that it allowed us to create a seamlessly integrated solution.”

Prafullit Sharma, Chief Technical Officer DNR

Product: pnGate PA

Alpha Grainger Manufacturing Inc.

„All our testing with the PROFIBUS Tester 5 took under an hour. We were able to get a machine back to 100% capacity that was running an extremely time sensitive job for a customer.”

Charles Comeau, Controls Engineer, Alpha Grainger

Product: PROFIBUS Tester 5

DS Smith Paper Deutschland GmbH

„Because TH LINK PROFIBUS now alerts us in advance to potential problems that we can fix while the plant is still operational, we have been able to reduce the paper machine‘s downtime considerably. This has enabled DS Smith to reduce its losses significantly.”

Joachim Gutjahr, Head of Automation Technology at the Aschaffenburg paper mill.



„Softing engineers, the support and service provided made the implementation of this communications interface a smooth process.”

Al Jones, senior science & technology specialist at Tracerco

Product: PAeasy

Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment Plant

„Now we have a system that is more secure, more responsive, and easier to manage.”

Joe Morrissette, SCADA Specialist, Littleton/Englewood Wastewater Treatment



„We decided to adopt Softing‘s solution because this company has a long-standing PROFIBUS experience and offers a suitable redundancy solution. During the implementation phase, we received excellent support from Softing and all our questions were answered speedily and in a straightforward manner, always providing suitable solutions.”

Gerald Ebner, Developer at Evon

Product: PROFIBUS DP Master Stack

Spuntech Industries

„I readily recommend TH LINK, and TH SCOPE and will definitely use them again in the future.”

Paul Hall, Process Control and IT Manager, N.R. Spuntech Industries


Hamburger Rieger

„Ever since we‘ve been using the PROFIBUS Monitor, the paper machine has been running without any problems. This has increased plant availability to a level where we can produce testliners round-the-clock.”

Markus Schweiger, head of measurement and control technology at Hamburger Rieger

Product:  PROFIBUS Monitor


„We particularly liked the one-component system, which is uncomplicated and does not require expensive servers or component hierarchies in the field. The cooperation with Softing during the introduction, parameterization and commissioning was also extremely constructive and we appreciated the practical training sessions.”

Holger Schoellhorn, Equipment/Automation and Services department at Handtmann



„A major benefit for Audi is the consistent use of the diagnostics and monitoring solution, from installation to daily operation. This allows us for example to do reference measurements for a comparison of the acceptance test situation to the current network status and quickly spot any alterations.”

Felix Niederbacher, technical manager for automation engineering standardization in the body manufacturing production planning department at Audi



„The fast implementation in cooperation with Softing enabled us to retain our customers in this important product segment. The solution also gives us the possibility to provide other Windows-based products with a PROFINET interface. So, we are upbeat about the future, and we are positive that we will remain at the cutting edge with our products in the market.”

Richard Albrecht, head of development at Unglaube

Product:  PROFINET Device Protocol Stack for Windows


„The cooperation with Softing was very good, and thanks to Softing's short response times we were able to quickly make all the necessary adaptations to the runtime environment as we went along. I am convinced that the foundation for the future use of our process control system Proview on the shop floor has been laid with the PROFINET implementation.”

Robert Karlsson, head of development at SSAB

Product:  PROFINET Controller Stack

Ram Power

„After researching the available options, Ram Power settled on the Softing FG-110 FF gateway product.POWER configured and installed the FG110 FF products and commissioned them with the help of Softing’s technical support. Softing’s technical people were very responsive and helpful. POWER made several recommendations to Softing as to how the product could be enhanced and these modifications have been incorporated in the next firmware version. If Ram Power, or POWER Engineers, were to implement another FF Control in the Field project, we would definitely use the Softing gateway product line again.”

Tom McAuliffe, control system engineer at POWER Engineers

Product: FG-110-FF

Young Tech

„We were overwhelmed by the number of parameters required for FF implementation at first.But, with each step along the way, we learned a little bit more about the standard. The next project is going to run even smoother and faster.”

Yong Hee Lee, YTC Project Manager

Product: FBK-2 Fieldbus Kit


„The implementation went very well. During this project we had a fruitful and effective co-operation with Softing. And at the end our actuator has been certified at the Fieldbus Foundation without any problems.”

Fabio Paciotti, Engineer at Biffi

Product: FBK-2 Fieldbus Kit


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