Softing expands IIoT gateway for Industry 4.0 integration in process plants

smartLink HW-DP from Softing Industrial Automation provides controller-independent access to PROFIBUS DP networks. Besides HART IP and FDT, data for optimizing processes can now also be made available via an OPC UA interface. In addition, the new smartLink DTM enables FDT/DTM parameter setting for HART devices.

The smartLink HW-DP allows access to process data from PROFIBUS devices and HART devices connected to PROFIBUS remote I/Os, as well as secure export to any system inside or outside its own network. Users in the process industry who want to adapt their communication architecture to modern IIoT use cases can integrate smartLink into existing plants in a simple and cost-effective manner.

Until now, access to data relevant for optimization processes was possible via HART IP for HART devices and FDT for PROFIBUS DP. The new version V 1.10 additionally provides an OPC UA interface. This means that any HART IP and OPC UA clients, such as Emerson's AMS Device Manager or the Android app DevComDroid, can now be used to configure, monitor, and evaluate field devices via these open communication standards. With the new smartLink DTM, FDT/DTM parameters can now also be set for HART devices.

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