Smallest PROFIBUS Master Interface for Mobile Applications

Softing presents PBpro USB, the world's smallest PROFIBUS master interface for PCs. It is so compact that it easily fits into a PROFIBUS connector housing.

The PBpro USB has the size of a matchbox and can be easily stowed in any laptop bag - a convenient companion for mobile use.

The fast PC connection via USB high-speed makes PBpro USB the ideal interface for a wide variety of tasks from network configuration and device parameterization to plant maintenance and production data acquisition. The interface is connected directly to a device on the PROFIBUS target system, thereby avoiding circuit-induced reflections of the fieldbus signal.

The product is also well equipped on the software side. The scope of delivery includes Windows drivers for XP to Windows 10, various programming examples, a communication DTM for FDT applications and a PROFIBUS configurator with commissioning function.

PBpro USB is compatible to its well established predecessor PROFIusb and can be used directly in a variety of commercially available applications. A quick and easy integration of OPC Client applications is possible via an optional PROFIBUS OPC Server.


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