Flexible Network Diagnostics – also for Remote Facilities Maintenance

Softing Industrial Automation announces the release of new versions for the proven PROFINET diagnostics solutions TH SCOPE and TH LINK. A completely newly developed user interface provides more security and more flexible installation options. In combination with new features for the collection of network data, TH SCOPE and TH LINK now also offer intelligent solutions for remote maintenance of facilities and machines.


The user interface of the new version 3 of the diagnostic software TH SCOPE was redeveloped based on HTML5 technology and does not require Adobe Flash Player any more. This eliminates the potential safety risks that may be associated with the use of Flash Player. In addition, users benefit from a greater flexibility because they can now deploy TH SCOPE with devices that do not allow the use of Adobe Flash Player for technical reasons.

On request, a beta version of the new TH SCOPE is available as a cloud application. Cloud computing offers a number of advantages and opportunities, e.g. for the realization of efficient solutions for remote maintenance of equipment ("big data analytics"), or in the interaction of network diagnostics with advanced analytical methods for predictive maintenance.

With the recently released version 3.2 of the TH LINK products for Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET, EtherNet / IP and Modbus / TCP) diagnostics data from the industrial network can be permanently stored on the insertable SD card. In this way, users can access the data for diagnostic purposes and debugging even when for example the power supply for the machine had been disconnected. This expands the possibilities of integrating network diagnostics and -management into smart and safe concepts for remote facilities maintenance.

TH SCOPE and TH LINK provide an integrated diagnostic solution for the inspection and management of industrial networks, for the permanent monitoring during operation and for troubleshooting in the acute case of an error. The solution is designed to meet the needs of maintenance and operation and requires no special IT or network knowledge. In addition to the PROFINET standard, the products also support EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and PROFIBUS networks.  

Customers can test the full functionality of the TH SCOPE Ethernet diagnostics software for free for 30 days. The new firmware and software version of TH LINK PROFINET, TH LINK EtherNet/IP, TH LINK Modbus TCP, TH LINK Industrial Ethernet and TH LINK PC Industrial Ethernet are available to existing customers as free upgrades as usual.

The new versions are available for download:



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