EtherNet/IP-to-PROFINET Gateway with PROFINET Controller Functionality

Softing announces release of new FG-260 Fieldbus Gateway supporting direct connectivity of PROFINET devices to EtherNet/IP controllers

PROFINET machines with integrated PROFINET controller can be connected directly to EtherNet/IP controllers with the help of the FG-260 gateway and the I-Device functionality. According to Tobias Heilmaier, Product Manager Industrial Ethernet at Softing, the FG-260 is of particular interest to export-oriented machine manufacturers and system integrators.

“The FG-260 has been designed with a focus on the requirements of manufacturers who export PROFINET machines with integrated PROFINET controller to EtherNet/IP-dominated markets such as the US. Using the FG-260 they can offer their customers an easy solution for direct data exchange in EtherNet/IP systems. For system integrators looking to implement their devices with PROFINET communication functions in EtherNet/IP systems, the FG-260 provides direct connectivity without the need for an additional PROFINET controller.” The FG-260 gateway is available from Softing as of now. The product is offered at a special introductory price until June 30, 2015.

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