Direct Integration of PROFIBUS PA Devices into PROFINET Networks

The pnGate PA supports widely accepted device configuration, parameterization and condition monitoring tools like for example Siemens PDM, PROFINET Engineering Systems and Device Type Manager (DTM) frame applications. This significantly facilitates the change from PROFIBUS DP to PROFINET applications in the process industry.

In these applications, the pnGate PA serves as an interface on the infrastructure level between host systems and field devices and performs PROFINET Device- and PROFIBUS PA master tasks. In this way, there is no need for the use of additional equipment.

This gateway allows you to use familiar tools and thus makes the use of PROFINET controllers instead of PROFIBUS DP masters as easy as possible. "The introduction of PROFINET at an early stage is thus especially attractive for plants where only a small proportion of the industrial equipment is attributed to process industry", says Philipp Eikerling, Product Manager at Softing Industrial Automation.

For easy commissioning, the pnGate PA is compatible with the R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Power Supply 9412 products. For more information, please visit the product page.

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