Plant Process Control Software Vendor

Simplify secure access of over 5+ million production data items for multiple clients with a streamlined OPC UA architecture




  • Leading industrial software manufacturer, provider of Plant Process Control Systems.
  • 10,000+ software instances running worldwide.
  • Software exposes multiple isolated OPC UA Servers on-site
  • 5+ million data items can be collected across several OPC UA servers. No filtering possible.
  • Intricate and intertwined architecture. Multiple clients connect with multiple servers.

Business need

  • Improve process information management and dissemination to multiple applications.
  • Streamline OPC UA architecture to a flat scheme.
  • Enhanced security, strictly providing necessary information for each client.
  • Configurability to adapt to evolving requirements and needs.

Technical Requirements

  • Consolidate information from OPC UA Servers in a single hub.
  • Reduce workload on Plant Process Control System servers (pre-filter data)
  • Customize data access, management and browsing rights to different clients.
  • Manage user access


  • Secure Integration Server
  • Central OPC UA hub to simplify architecture.
  • Flexible aggregation and address space filtering to customize information visible for different clients and users.
  • Central management of security, certificates and client access.


  • Unique market solution to handle 5+ million items.
  • Flat architecture to enable new uses and applications
  • REST API automated configuration

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