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Machine modernization with Profinet Controller, maximizig reuse of existing automation network components




  • Global provider of integrated industrial solutions for middle-sized and large industrial bakeries
  • Wants to modernize machines, in particular use modern state-of-the-art PLCs

Business need

  • A complete redesign of the automation network and a selection of new vendors and components for all automation network components would be too costly.
  • So the customer would like to maximize reuse of selected and proven components.
  • Components need to be readily available, given the current status of the industry with supply chain issues.

Technical Requirements

  • The customer decided to use new Siemens S7 PLCs.
  • A Lenze frequency converter connecting Profibus devices shall be reused. However, the frequency converter does not support Profinet.
  • The Lence frequency converter needs to be connected by a Profibus master.


  • The customer decided to use Softing‘s pnGate DP products.
  • pnGate DP acts as Profinet device for the new Siemens S7 PLC, and as Profibus DP master for the Lenze frequency converter
  • Profibus DP network below Lence frequency converter can be reused “as-is“, while new Profinet devices can be connected in parallel.
  • pnGate DP will be deployed with all new machines.


  • pnGate DP enables simple and easy-to-install retrofit installation of modern Siemens S7 PLC while Profibus DP segment can be reused without any changes
  • pnGate DP helps to reduce total cost for modernization project
  • The customer can work with available componets

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