Krauss Maffei

Increasing productivity without compromising security. How uaGate fulfills strict security requirements while unlocking production data to improve production efficiency.




  • Krauss Maffei Technologies GmbH is a leading manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the plastics and rubber industry.
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) methodology was implemented to optimize machine capacity utilization and productivity.

Business need

  • Manual collection and registration of production was partially inaccurate. Data was discrete and the process was not scalable.
  • The data collection process need to be automated and human interaction in the process need to be removed.

Technical Requirements

  • Access to an heterogenous machine pool including Siemens controllers.
  • High security level and a platform-independent open solution.
  • Access to the PLCs should be customized for different users and client applications.


  • uaGateSI gateways
  • OPC UA and MQTT open platforms/protocols
  • Individualized access control and configuration rights, user authentication and data encryption.
  • Physical separation between office and production networks.


  • Best-in-class security.
  • Easy connectivity to Siemens, cloud and business software.
  • Open platform facilitates system evolutions.

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