PROFINET Controller Development for Safety Control Systems




  • HIMA is an independent global supplier of safety-focused automation solutions
  • HIMA has customers in process industries such as Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Energy, and in the Rail sector
  • HIMA plans to offer a next generation safety control systems to support digitalization

Business need

  • HIMA’s safety control solutions need to offer highest availability and uninterrupted operation of plants through seamless communication between control and automation systems
  • The next generation safety control systems shall be based on a future-proof architecture and use commonly communication standards
  • A new communication subsystem shall be used across all next generation safety control system variants

Technical Requirements

  • HIMA‘s new safety control solution shall support PROFINET
  • The PROFINET controller must be kept compliant with current and future PNO-> PI specifications
  • The communication subsystem must integrate with the existing HIMA host system and expansion slots
  • The communication subsystem must be configurable
  • The communication subsystem must be protected against IT security threats


  • HIMA decided to use Softing’s PROFINET controller software stack, running on FPGA hardware integrated into HIMax and HIMatrix devices
  • Softing delivered additional logic components such as a high-performance
  • Ethernet switch offering maximum security and realtime capabilities
  • Softing’s real-time Ethernet module (RTEM2) was used as reference design
  • Softing supported HIMA with consulting services


  • HIMA’s new safety control solution is flexible, easy to update, and achieves netload class III robustness
  • Proven and mature Softing components contribute to highest reliability during operation
  • Softing’s reference design and consulting services reduced risk and effort for HIMA’s development project

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