World-class Pharmaceuticals

Enhanced transparency of the production process and data availability across different business owners and applications




  • One of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • 15+ production sites worldwide.

Business need

  • Facilitate transparency of production processes.
  • Production information available for different teams and applications.
  • Flexibility in feeding data into existing and future business applications as part of the digital transformation program.

Technical Requirements

  • Availability of production data from Simatic WinCC (OPC UA server) via two different OPC UA custom endpoints.
  • Endpoint for Production Monitoring System application.
  • Information should be customized for each endpoint.
  • User access with different rights and information views.
  • Security: Individual certificates on each endpoint.




  • Separate endpoints for the Production Monitoring application and the individual user access.
  • Filtered information/items available to different endpoints/users.
  • Multiple virtual OPC UA server endpoints with dedicated security certificates for user access management.
  • Versatile address space filtering.

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