American Food Giant

Machine connectivity with dataFEED OPC Suite for global digital factory project at 150+ locations




  • Renowned American multinational food giant specializing in confectionary, food and beverage products
  • Plant operations in more than 150 locations globally
  • Four IoT applications defined at project start, mix of on-prem and cloud-based deployment (for eg., comparability of product sites and identification of weak performers)

Business need

  • Cloud-based solutions shall be deployed whenever possible (reduced CAPEX)
  • Future-proof architecture, customer plans to add more applications and to migrate on-premise solutions to cloud with same components for machine connectivity

Technical Requirements

  • Heterogenous brownfield: Mix of Siemens-, Rockwell- and other PLCs
  • Use OPC UA standard to interface with software applications
  • Deploy machine connectivity on standardized rack system, to be rolled-out at all locations


  • Softing dataFEED OPC Suite and OPC Tunnel used to acquire data from PLCs
  • Connecting Shoplogix OEE application running on AWS, Schneider application for energy management and Infinity QS for quality management
  • Connectivity with package labelling application planned (production critical process requiring SLA, under discussion)
  • Pre-assembly of rack system with dataFEED and other components by third party system integrators


  • Cost-efficiency (same machine connectivity shared across multiple applications, shared across all locations)
  • Future proof architecture based on standards
  • Easy to use for shopfloor personnel
  • No changes to automation network or PLC

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