Asset management for improved production processes

Fieldbuses in the process industry

Digital field devices deliver sound insights into plant condition for modern asset management. To ensure a continuous data flow beyond the 4-20mA analog value, digital communication protocols (fieldbuses) have become established in the process industry.  PROFIBUS is one fieldbus solution chosen for connecting field devices especially when long cable runs are required in hazardous areas. And by supporting digital communication and manufacturer-independent device exchange, it offers the best conditions for controlling, monitoring and streamlining production processes.

Ethernet/IP for modern asset management

But fieldbuses are not the end of the story. Ethernet-based control systems are available for innovative asset management. They offer higher bandwidths for data transmission and enable the integration of Industry 4.0 applications. By integrating these PLCs, existing plants in the process industry can be expanded to include modern and highly functional segments.

Combined solutions manage the transition to state-of-the-art technology

Although PROFIBUS is a solid fieldbus choice for the process industry, Schneider Electric controllers are not compatible with PROFIBUS networks or field devices. This is where the combined solutions come in that Softing Industrial has developed with its partners Schneider Electric and Endress+Hauser:

Softing's "epGate" connects PROFIBUS PA and DP devices from Endress+Hauser with the M580 Ethernet/IP control system and the Control Expert engineering tool from Schneider Electric. The benefits include:

  • The required investment is manageable, since it is not the entire plant that has to be modernized. The existing PROFIBUS PA and DP segments can be integrated into a modern Ethernet/IP network architecture without any changes.
  • Gateway integration is done quickly, either by using the generated EDS (Electronic Data Sheet) file (exported from the Embedded Web Server) or through the Schneider Electric Advanced Generic DTM (Device Type Manager) installed by default in EcoStruxure™ Control Expert engineering tool.
  • The Asset Management of the field devices can be easily realized via FDT (Field Device Type) frame applications such as FieldCare from Endress+Hauser with an included CommDTM (Communication Device Type Manager).

Use the detailed documentation to easily get started with your own project. Visit the Endress+Hauser Open Integration Partner Program website for all the information you need. Or visit the Schneider Electric Exchange website for additional details on features and applications.

Of course we are also at your disposal for a personal consultation. Contact us at info.automation[at]softing[dot]com


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