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    Industrial Edge with Microsoft Azure

    Manage machine connectivity efficiently and scalable via Azure IoT Edge

Industrial Edge with Microsoft Azure

Softing's Industrial Edge products offer connectivity at the interface between OT and IT in industrial applications. The products can be easily integrated and operated in IIoT solutions based on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

This is made possible by the support of Docker containers by Azure IoT Edge. Softing's Industrial Edge products can thus be managed as Docker containers at the edge level via the Azure platform, as can all other software components for edge computing.

In addition, Softing Industrial Edge products support the standard OPC UA, MQTT and httpREST protocols. This ensures seamless integration into the Azure reference architecture for Industrial IoT.

Scenario with edgeConnector Siemens for the integration of process and machine data from a Siemens control

The benefits to users are:

  • Connectivity as part of an industrial edge can be managed efficiently and centrally via the Azure platform.
  • In many cases, there is no need to use additional hardware to connect to devices.
  • With OPC UA and MQTT, Softing's products for Industrial Edge support the appropriate protocols to provide data for processing at the edge and cloud level.
  • Softing has many years of experience with industrial applications, which contributes to the development of Industrial Edge products.

All Industrial Edge products can be configured via a built-in web interface. They also provide an httpREST interface via which all configuration settings can be made. With an edgeConfigurator component, Softing enables configuration through applications at the cloud level.

Softing edgeConnector products support the so-called "nesting capabilities" of Azure IoT Edge. This enables the efficient use in complex, multilayer network topologies.

Deployment of edgeConnector Siemens on a "lower layer device".

Softing Industrial Edge Products:



OPC UA Aggregation Server with IoT Connection


edgeConnector Siemens

Software module to connect SIMATIC S7 PLCs with IIoT Applications


edgeConnector 840D

Software module to connect SINUMERIK 840D controllers with IIoT Applications


edgeConnector Modbus

Software module to connect Modbus TCP controllers with IIoT Applications


smartLink SW-HT

Access to HART devices connected to Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Schneider Electric or R.Stahl controllers and remote I/Os for Emerson’s AMS and FDT.


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