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With more than 100 million nodes sold, PROFIBUS is the world's most widely used fieldbus. Well-maintained PROFIBUS installations will continue to perform reliably for many years to come, both in discrete manufacturing and in process industries.

Softing Industrial has been one of the first suppliers of PROFIBUS protocol software for integration into controllers and devices and therefore has particularly in-depth knowledge of this technology. As the manufacturer of the PROFIBUS Tester and as a PROFIBUS Competence Center fully accredited by PROFOIBUS & PROFINET International (PI), we offer training courses on the technical basics of PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA, as well as on correct installation, reliable operation and successful troubleshooting in your PROFIBUS system.


This training provides a compact introduction to the basic elements PROFIBUS DP communication. Participants will have an overview of the different options of information transmission and will learn about the elementary services of data communication.

Some application areas have special requirements, e.g. on device parameterization or time behavior, which made it necessary to extend the original concept. This training explains the additional services and illustrates their application possibilities.

Another major focus is on hand-on exercises. Participants will commission networks and test them with a bus analyzer. Typical problems and fault scenarios as well as various possibilities of optimizing the communication will also be presented.


Day 1

  • Concept of PROFIBUS-DP
    • Diagnosis transfer
    • Phases of communication (in particular, parameterization and testing of the configuration)
    • Basic elements: Topology, bus access, frame structure
  • PROFIBUS analysis tools
    • Overview of the architecture, elements and application possibilities
    • Recording of bus traffic, use of filter/trigger conditions
    • Analysis of the recordings

 Day 2

    • Acyclic services (MSAC_C1, MSAC_C2)
    • Alarm transmission
    • Use of DP/V1 services (FDT - DTM)
    • Identification & Maintenance (I&M) functions
    • Slave-to-slave cross traffic
    • Isochronous/synchronous data exchange
    • Synchronized system time
    • Redundancy

Target group

The training is intended for anyone who wants an informative, well-founded overview of the communication possibilities provided by PROFIBUS DP. At the end of the training, participants such as developers, project managers or product managers will be able to confidently assess the advantages of PROFIBUS DP and its extensions (DP-V1, DP-V2, I&M, etc.) for their own applications.


No special knowledge required.

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Eliminating production process problems which arise due to disruptions in the exchange of data via PROFIBUS is a very complex task. Unnecessarily long downtimes also result in high costs. The correct installation of PROFIBUS components is the first step for an undisturbed communication. Additionally, a structured approach to identifying errors can help eliminate avoidable downtimes, increase communication stability and thus prevent future problems.

Softing's PROFIBUS Competence Center, which is certified by PROFIBUS International (PI), offers practical training which provides a compact introduction to the basics of PROFIBUS. The training concerns all aspects of a correct PROFIBUS installation and focuses on the physical and logical analysis of a PROFIBUS network. Mobile analysis tools such as PROFIBUS Tester 5 and TH-LINK-PB are used for this task. On top, the training includes the examen to become

                                     Certified PROFIBUS Installer


  • Basic elements of PROFIBUS DP and PA
    • Device types
    • Correct cabling, configuration and commissioning
    • Communication process
  • Physical analysis of DP and PA networks
    • General statements on the bus state (“Is the bus stable?“)
    • Reliable detection and elimination of physical problems
    • Creation of an acceptance certificate
  • Logical analysis of PROFIBUS communication
    • Analysis of PROFIBUS frames and diagnostics
    • Correction/optimization of PROFIBUS parameters and baud rate
    • Use of filters / triggers to identify sporadic errors
  • EMC compliant installation and grounding concepts
    • Detection and elimination of EMC problems
    • Prevention of EMC issues already during project planning and configuration

Target group

The training is tailored to engineers and technicians whose job is to install and maintain PROFIBUS networks.

This course has been developed especially for those people responsible for ensuring robust communication to guarantee a smooth production process.


Basic experience with PROFIBUS.


The price includes the training, course materials, refreshments during breaks and lunch.

On a third day we provide the examination to become a Certified PROFIBUS Installer with an official certification document provided by PI International.

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For 5 or more participants at different times for Trainings in the Softing Training Center, we offer you special conditions.

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