Implementing Fieldbus Solutions

 Since the very beginning of industrial fieldbuses the Softing engineers have focused on this area and up to now have implemented a high number of software and hardware solutions, primarily focusing on PROFIBUS. Here the Softing know-how supports both, the implementation of PROFIBUS Masters and Slaves.

The performed projects include off-the-shelf products like interface boards and gateways, but also the development of customer-specific solutions using Softing components like the PROFIBUS protocol software. One of the advantages provided by the Softing fieldbus implementation is the efficient unified application interface, allowing to integrate Industrial Ethernet protocols into the device as well without requiring the modification of the application.

Many leading automation providers trust and rely on Softing’s fieldbus expertise. The Softing PROFIBUS reference design thus is already in use in numerous customer implementations and in Softing's own products. It proves its capabilities, functionality and performance every day in a vast range of applications in many vertical markets and all around the world. The Softing PROFIBUS expertise is also proven by Softing’s active contribution in the PROFIBUS & PROFINET International (PI) standardization body and its working groups as well as by participating in the various technical meetings.


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