uaGate SI FAQs

Softing has not created any device-specific CAD drawings, but CAD drawings for the ME Max housing can be downloaded from the manufacturer. The case designation is:
ME MAX 22.5 2-2 KMGY (Part.No. 2713625)

Various CAD files are available here:

The maximum number of symbols which can be imported is 20.000. The edgeGate supports with its 5 connections up to 60.000 symbols, but also a maximum of 20.000 per connection.

The buffering as specified in the OPC UA standard is implemented, but the items are stored in the RAM, not on the SD card. Please mind that the OPC UA client must support this functionality and demand it from the server.

50ms polling time

2.500 byte items with 200ms polling time

The power dissipation also depends on the operating mode (Ethernet load, supply voltage, ambient temperature, module dispersion, ...). A typical value for power dissipation Pv is about 3.3 watts at 24VDC.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome for the gateway configuration. Microsoft Explorer has some known limitations that might interfere with the user interface.

At the moment no Softing gateway echo-seriesdataFEED-series supports Alarms and Events (AE).

At the moment no Softing gateway echo-seriesdataFEED-series supports Historical Access (HA).

The browser preferred language is used for the user interface, currently English and German is supported. If you want to override this default setting, change the preferences in your browser.

For example, in Mozilla Firefox:
Menu -> Settings -> Content -> Languages and change or move the desired language to the top of the list.


We support with all Softing gateways (echocollect, uaGate, edgeGate) the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Amazon AWS Cloud, IBM Bluemix Cloud and other cloud providers, which are using MQTT for telemetry data.


uaGate SI

OPC UA Server Gateway with MQTT Support for SIMATIC S7 Controllers


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