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    Endress+Hauser Connectivity Solutions

    Softing Industrial Automation, as a longterm partner of Endress+Hauser, offers a variety of interface products to connect the Device Configuration Management Tablet Field Xpert SMT70 / SMT77 or the Plant Asset Management Software FieldCare SFE500 to field devices.

Mobile & Remote Fieldbus Interfaces for Endress+Hauser Device Configuration Management Products

Softing Interfaces and Gateways enable configuration, parametrisation & monitoring of HART, PROFIBUS & FOUNDATION fieldbus field devices. 

mobiLink is a mobile and a USB interface for Industrial protocolsl. It can be used in a variety of applications since it is compatible with FDT Frame applications and other major engineering tools. Additionally, It is suited for harsh environments (approved by IECEx and EX for Zone 1).

New bundle with mobiLink offered by Endress+Hauser

Connect Field Xpert SMT70 / SMT77 with HART, PROFIBUS PA and Foundation Fieldbus Devices.

In order to make life easier for service and commissioning engineers Endress+Hauser now offers a handy bundle for parameterization and commissioning of field devices (HART, PROFIBUS PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus).

This bundle contains:

  • 1 Tablet Field Xpert SMT70 / SMT77 with preinstalled CommDTMs for mobiLink (HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA)
  • 1 mobiLink (FieldPort SFP50) which connects to Field Xpert SMT70 / SMT77 via Bluetooth (Ex approval according to ATEX, IECEx for Zone 1 and NEC500 Cl. Div.1)
  • optional: license keys to use the mobiLink (FieldPort SFP50) to configure FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA field devices

The mobiLink is called FieldPort SFP50 at Endress+Hauser.
Contact Endress+Hauser to order the bundle.

Contact at Endress+Hauser:
Endress+Hauser Flyer:          Mobile Plant Asset Management



Learn how easy it is to parameterize HART or PROFIBUS PA devices with Field Xpert SMT70 and mobiLink.

How to use FG-200 in Endress+Hauser environment

FG-200 helps E+H engineers to implement E+H tools like FieldCare into existing (brownfield) or new (greenfield) automation networks.

With FG-200 they can connect FF-H1 field devices of E+H and other vendors

  • to controllers via Modbus/TCP (e.g. Schneider Electric) or HSE (e.g. ABB S800xA)
  • To FDT applications like FieldCare, FieldXpert SMT70/77 or PACTWARE in parallel to the controller for remote configuration and parameterization

How to use PBproUSB in Endress+Hauser environment

Configuration and Parameterization of PROFIBUS-DP devices

PBproUSB is the ideal asset management interface to connect DP devices to FDT tools like FieldCare or PACTWARE. 

  • Compact size like an ordinary PROFIBUS connector
  • Gateway DTM available on FieldCare DVD for free installation
  • Connection to PC, laptop or tablets  with Windows10 or older via USB cable

PBproUSB is approved by Endress+Hauser as recommended interface to PROFIBUS-DP for FieldCare.

You can buy PBproUSB directly from Softing Industrial Automation GmbH via or via your local Softing dealer.

Go to Softing Product page: PB pro USB


Mobile interfaces for FDT device configuration and parameterization in the field or laboratory:



 USB and Bluetooth Modems | mobiLink

Mobile interface for HART, FOUNATION fieldbus, PROFIBUS PA



USB and Bluetooth Modems | PBpro USB

Plant Asset Management with monitoring of PROFIBUS networks

smartLink for remote FDT device configuration and parameterization from the control room:


smartLink DP

smartLink DP | Plant Asset Management tool for PROFIBUS DP Networks

Industry 4.0 connectivity for new and existing PROFIBUS DP networks

Gateways for control and remote FDT device configuration and parameterization:


epGate PB

Industrial Gateway | epGate PB

Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS DP/PA Master Gateway


pnGate PA

Industrial Gateway | pnGate PA



epGate PA

Industrial Gateway | epGate PA

Ethernet/IP to PROFIBUS PA Master Gateway



Industrial Gateway | FG-200

Modbus TCP / FF HSE to Foundation Fieldbus H1 Gateway


pnGate PB

Industrial Gateway | pnGate PB



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