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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions and Application Notes

We have documented the answers to the most frequently asked questions to enable you to easily and quickly find answers directly.

Gateways general

Use Search and Configure if the IP address of a Softing gateway is unknown or does not match the actual network environment. Search and Configure is usually part of the installation package. You can also install it directly from here:

SearchAndConfigure V1.46

This program can be used for searching and configuring connected Softing devices in the local network. It sends UDP packets from the local port 2360 to the remote port 2355.

Start the program by double-clicking “sac.exe” or click the corresponding item in the start menu. If you have more than one network adapters in your PC then please select first the correct network adapter in the drop-down menu. When clicking the Search buttonthe network will be scanned for connected Softing devices. The retrieved devices will be listed with their MAC address, device type, serial number, name, IP address, subnet mask and gateway.


Note:If no connected device is found please check the firewall settings.

By selecting the device and clicking the Configure button you can modify network parameters of the device without using its website. Changing the IP configuration requires the password fitting the selected device.

Please note that the IP settings cannot be changed for the Softing gateway epGatePN!

Be aware that the device may reboot after successful reconfiguration.
The device may cause network problems if configured with incorrect settings

Start a web browser that supports JavaScript (Google, Chrome) to access the gateway from your PC.
When your web browser doesn’t support JavaScript or JavaScript is disabled, then you will not be able to access the gateway. In this case you will only see in the browser window the message “loading”.

PROFINET gateways (pnGate PA, pnGate PB, pnGate DP)

Make sure the PROFINET IP address that is configured in the PROFINET engineering tool (e.g. TIA portal) differs from the IP addresses that are used by Search and Configure, by the webserver and by the FDT application.

Using the same PROFINET IP address in TIA portal and in the webserver will cause an IP address conflict!

If you have not changed the password, then you can log in with the default password of the device.

Please note that the default password has changed up to the Firmware Version 1.10.

Old firmware version (< 1.10):
User Name: administrator
Password: fgadmin

new firmware Version (>= 1.10):
User Name: administrator
Password: FGadmin!1

Firmware update via the web interface of the gateway is only available from the firmware version 1.10 and higher.

If your gateway has an older firmware version, less than 1.10, then a firmware update cannot be made in this way. The gateway should be sent back to Softing. In this case please fill out the 'Product Repair Form' which can be found on the Softing web site and send it per mail to

No log display on the pnGatePA / mbGatePB web page in the tab PROFIBUS or PROFIBUS IO -> Views -> Log.

Please make sure that no script blocker like e.g. "AdBlock Plus" or "uBlock Origin" is active on the website of the gateway.
If a script blocker is installed on your PC, please disable it and reload the webserver of the gateway. After that the corresponding logs can be displayed.

If the pnGatePA is not parameterized via an engineering tool, the log display remains also empty in the PROFIBUS tab.

In the PROFINET Engineering Tool (Step 7 project, TIA Portal), the process data is "0" (zero) in the S7-3xx controllers.
The S7 controller does not report any error and SF LED (System Fault) is off.
The pnGatePA / mbGatePB report no errors and all status LEDs are green.
On the website of the gateway in the menu item PROFIBUS -> Views -> Log you can see on the corresponding slave that the "State" is Data Exchange.

In the HW Configuration window of the Step7 project, select the controller and right-click in the context menu and then select "Object Properties ...".

In the new window, switch to the "Cycle / Clock Memory" tab.

The default settings for an S7-300 are 128 for the two marked setting options.

Make sure that the "Size of the process image input area" or "Size of the process image output area" is 1 (one) greater than the max. offset of the modules in the HW Config. We recommend setting the value to the max size of the process image of the S7-3xx. (See data sheet S7 -> process image)

No power supply to PROFIBUS PA segments through pnGate PA.
Therefore, additionally one Power Conditioner per PROFIBUS PA segment is required for the bus supply.

Softing recommends using the R. STAHL bus-Carrier Series 9419 and Fieldbus Power Supply Series 9412 products.

A maximum of 64 devices can be connected in total to a 4-channel pnGate PA Gateway.
There is no limit to a channel / PA segment. Any splitting of the devices in the PA segments is allowed, provided that the power conditioner used supplies sufficient power.

Modbus gateways (mbGate PA, mbGate PB, mbGate DP)

The Device Catalog entries are imported via "Import GSD" and stored in the gateway.

The configuration project only exists in the web interface. It is displayed in the Segment Configuration view on the right-hand side of the PROFIBUS Configuration window. The project can be saved in a file on the PC by selecting "Save Configuration". The name of the configuration project file is PROFIBUS-Cfg.json and is located in the personal download folder.

When restarting the gateway, the Segment Configuration is not being displayed. To make it visible, reload the previously saved configuration into the web interface via "Load Configuration".

The configuration of the PROFIBUS slaves is not saved automatically. In addition to “Save Configuration”, the Modbus and Ethernet/IP gateways have an “Apply Configuration” function. “Apply Configuration” stores the configuration of the PROFIBUS slaves in the Modbus gateway as a binary file. The gateway always uses this binary file internally.
What happens if there is a power outage?
If the configuration was not saved on the gateway previously via "Apply Configuration", it will be lost during a power outage. Otherwise the configuration exists in the form of a binary file on the gateway itself.

Ethernet/IP gateways (epGate PN, epGate DP, epGate PA)

IP-Address of epGate PN can be changed on Ethernet IP side by means of the Molex-Tool. This tool is freeware. It doesn’t have to be installed on the PC. It can’t be started from a USB stick. Below is the link:


This document describes how to activate the mobiLink licences.

This document describes how to enable the mobiLink DTM traces.


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