Operating Software for Configuration and Parameterization of Field Devices (FDT/DTM)

Designed for the efficient and fieldbus-independent operation of Field Device Tool (FDT) / Device Type Manager (DTM)-based field devices from a wide variety of manufacturers, PACTware provides an easy and cost-effective solution for getting started with plant asset management applications. PACTware also allows fieldbus diagnostics and the simulation of operating states.

Easy and Cost-Effective Way to Get Started with Plant Asset Management Applications

  • Easy central operation of field devices from different manufacturers
  • Fieldbus-independent use with the corresponding CommDTMs
  • FDT/DTM standard compliant
  • Software application available free of charge

Efficient Use of Field Devices in the Process Industry

  • Fast plant commissioning, fast replacement of defective devices
  • Simple remote device parameterization
  • Comprehensive monitoring of process-critical devices
  • Central management of all device parameters
  • Automatic creation of plant documentation
  • Creating and opening projects
  • Connection between DTM and device
  • Data exchange between DTM and device
  • Editing of device data with the DTM
  • Device catalog
  • Project view
  • Plant view
  • Debug and error monitor
Network Access

  • PROFIusb
  • PBpro ETH
  • PBpro PCI
  • PBpro PCI Express
  • PBpro CompactPCI
  • PBpro PC104plus
  • PROFI104
FOUNDATION™ fieldbus
  • FG-110 FF
  • FFusb
Supported Operating SystemsWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
System Requirements
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
  • Adobe Reader 8.0 or higher for reading the documentation
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • 40 MB RAM


VAA-YY-023000PACTware (free of charge)

Scope of Delivery

SoftwarePACTware (developed by members of the PACTware Consortium)
DocumentationUser Manual

Additional Products and Services

GEA-JN-003006TH LINK PROFIBUS, CommDTM available via DTM Library
LRA-NN-021980DTM Library
PB-USBPROFIusb, including CommDTM
DEL-NN-012311PBpro ETH, single-channel (different versions), including CommDTM
PB-PRO1-PCI / PB-PRO1-PCI/LP1PBpro PCI Master/Slave, single-channel, including CommDTM
PB-PRO1-PCIE / PB-PRO1-PCIE/LP1PBpro PCI Express Master/Slave, single-channel (different versions), including CommDTM
PB-PRO1-CPCIPBpro PROFIBUS CompactPCI interface card, including CommDTM
PB-PRO1-PC104+PBpro PC/104plus card (different versions), including CommDTM
PB-PC104-MSPROFI104 Master/Slave (different versions), including CommDTM
GLA-YK-020110FG-110 FF, including CommDTM
DUA-KK-020300FFusb, including CommDTM

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