FIM-110 FF

Preassembled Interface Module for FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus Integration

FIM-110 FF facilitates the integration of FOUNDATION Fieldbus (FF) into legacy plants and Modbus control systems. It is delivered ready-to-use and allows powering the connected field devices via its power supply.

Ready-to-Install FF Integration

  • Optimally designed for addressing requirements of plant operators and system integrators
  • Integration of up to four FF H1 segments with up tos 64 field devices into Modbus RTU based legacy plants or into control systems supporting Modbus TCP
  • Combination of gateway and Linking Device FG-110 FF and interface module components like power conditioners or EIA-232/EIA-485 interface converter for Modbus communication in just one housing

Access Point for Using Additional Functionality in FF Segment

  • Usage as key component for implementing additional automation functionality in FF section of the plant
  • Integration of asset management systems and frame applications
  • Performance of remote tasks such as setting individual parameters of field devices connected to the FF network, determining the actual device status or accessing available alarms and events of these devices

Minimal Wiring Effort Due to Possible Mounting Close to Process

  • IP65-rated housing
  • Certificate for use in explosive environments
  • Field-mounting of module close to process, resulting in minimized cabling effort
CommunicationFOUNDATION Fieldbus H14 FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 segments
(each segment is capable to operate independently as Link Master and/or Time Master, if required)
Transfer Rate: 31.25Kbit/s
Connectors: 3-position screw connection, galvanically isolated
FOUNDATION Fieldbus HSE100BASE-TX/10BASE-T, automatic recognition
Connector: RJ45
Modbus TCP, Modbus RTUAssign registers to process values using TAG parameter of Analog Input Function Block
Serielle Schnittstelle EIA-2329-pin D-sub female connector
Transfer Rate: 1.2 Kbit/s … 115.2 Kbit/s
Galvanically isolated
Physical PropertiesPower Supply24 VDC (±20 %), typically 600 mA
Operating / Storage Temperature0 °C … +55 °C / -20 °C … +70 °C
Dimensions (W x H x D)340.5 mm x 340.5 mm x 190 mm (13.4” x 13.4” x 7.5”)
Relative Humidity0 % ... 95 %, non-condensing
CoolingConvection, no fan
Degree of ProtectionNEMA 4X / IP65
Product CertificationsCEEN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, EN55022 Limit Class A
Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)FCC Part 15 Subpart B Class C, VCCI Class 2 Information Technology Equipment 2002
Shock/VibrationDIN IEC68 Teil 2
Hazardous Location CertificationsUL: UL508, CSA C22.2 No. 14-M95 Industrial Control Equipment
GLA-YK-020121FIM-110 FF

Scope of Delivery

HardwareFIM-110 FF in IP65 enclosure, supporting the following options:
  • Modbus EIA-232 and Modbus EIA-485 connection
  • Four power conditioners and terminators
  • CM 20 Conduit adapter
SoftwareWindows-based FF configuration tool, web server for Modbus mapping configuration
DocumentationDocumentation on CD-ROM
CertificatesCertification Documents

Customer-Specific Fieldbus Interface Module

In addition to the standard fieldbus interface module FIM-110 FF, Softing also offers customers to build a custom fieldbus interface module that addresses their specific requirements. A customer-specific fieldbus interface module is based on the Softing FG-110 FF product and its available options. Details regarding the FG-110 FF product and the supported fieldbus interface module options can be found in the FG-110 FF datasheet.

Additional Products and Services


Free Windows-Based Software Tool for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Network and Device Configuration

The FF-CONF is a stand-alone, Windows-based software package for offline configuration of FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) networks and field devices. It is compatible with the Linking Device functionality of the Softing gateways FG-100 FF/HSE, FG-110 FF, and FIM-110 FF, and supports standard Device Description (DD) files. 

  • Comprehensive Configuration Functionality
  • Support of Standard Device Description Files
  • Software Not Requiring License Key
Free Windows-Based Software Tool for FOUNDATION fieldbus Network and Device Configuration


Configuration Software with Comprehensive Functionality

The FF-CONF is a Windows-based configuration tool, providing the functionality to define all the required FF network and device settings. This includes the definition
of Function Block linking and scheduling as well as bus parameter settings, and field device parameterization. Once the  configuration work has been performed in offline mode, the configuration data is downloaded to the networks and field devices via the Softing hardware. The connected field devices are then displayed via the Live List. In addition, the online mode supports read and write access to the device parameters and allows the monitoring of process values. For performing the individual configuration tasks the FF-CONF includes a graphical user interface, which is designed for offline configuration and Live List display.

Support of Standard Device Description Files

The FF-CONF configuration software makes use of standard Device Description files, as available from the field device manufacturers or the Fieldbus Foundation. Any DD files of version V4.x or V5.x can be used. For configuration purposes this eliminates the need to obtain and install any proprietary Device Description files as required for individual host certifications.

Software Not Requiring License Key

The FF-CONF can be used without requiring a specific license key. The software tool is included in the scope of delivery of the Softing gateway and Linking Device products FG-100 FF/HSE, FG-110 FF, and FIM-110 FF or can be downloaded from the Softing website free of charge.  

Additional Information

Technical Data

Supported Functionality
Device Type Library ManagementAdding and Removing of Individual FF H1 Device Description Files
Project ManagementCreation, Storage, and Deletion of Individual Configuration Projects
Network ConfigurationConfiguration of PC, FF HSE subnet, FF HSE field devices, Softing Linking Devices, FF H1 Link, and FF H1
Field Devices
Network Live ListDisplay of Active Devices in FF Networks
Function Block ApplicationFunction Block Linking and Scheduling
Handling of Host DevicesOptional Customer Specific Host Systems, Participation in FF HSE Subnet
Build FunctionalityFieldbus Configuration Data Generation and Checking
Download FunctionalityDownload of Configuration Data to All Devices or to an Individual Device
Online Change of ParametersMonitoring and Changing of Individual Function Block Parameters Online
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP, Windows 7 (32Bit and 64Bit), Windows Server 2008 (32Bit and 64Bit)
(as of October 2011)
HardwareSofting Gateways and Linking Devices FG-100 FF/HSE or FG-110 FF, Softing Fieldbus Interface Module
FIM-110 FF
Fieldbus Foundation ConformanceHost Integration System Test (HIST) Requirements Supported

Scope of Delivery


The FF configuration software FF-CONF is delivered with Softing's Gateways and Linking Devices FG-100 FF/HSE and FG-110 FF and Softing’s Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF. In addition, the software can be downloaded free of charge under "Downloads".

FDT Support for Softing’s Linking Devices and the Fieldbus Interface Module

The FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) HSE Device Type Manager (DTM) allows Field Device Tool (FDT) conformant frame applications to access FF H1 networks via Softing’s Linking Devices or the Fieldbus Interface Module. It provides a flexible and mobile solution for easy parameterization and diagnostics of individual FF H1 field devices.

  • Comprehensive Range of Use
  • Fast Commissioning
  • Easy Licensing


Comprehensive Range of Use with Standard FDT Frame Applications

The FF HSE DTM consists of an FF Linking Device Gateway DTM and an FF HSE Communication DTM and provides seamless integration of standard FDT frame applications like SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, FieldCare or PACTware with Softing’s Linking Devices or the Fieldbus Interface Module. It allows transparent access to field devices supporting the FDT standard, which are connected to the referring FF H1 networks. Comprehensive FDT / DTM functionality is supported, including easy parameterization and diagnostics.

Fast Commissioning of FF H1 Networks

The FF HSE DTM is designed to assist in the commissioning of FF installations using a universal FDT based software tool. It provides a modern user interface including tooltips and online help. If the Device DTMs of the individual FF H1 field devices connected to the Linking Devices or the Fieldbus Interface Module are available at the PC together with the FDT frame application, these field devices are automatically identified and entered into the live list together with all included device and manufacturer information. Furthermore, the FF HSE DTM provides a logging mechanism for error and trace messages, connection monitoring, and supports the FDT upload and download functionality.

Easy Licensing with Linking Devices and Fieldbus Interface Module

The FF HSE DTM can be used without requiring a specific license key. It is included in the scope of delivery of the Softing gateway and Linking Device products FG-100 FF/HSE, FG-110 FF, and FIM-110 FF. Thus the associated license also includes the FF HSE DTM license and no additional license needs to be obtained to make use of the individual FF HSE DTM advantages. Alternatively, the FF HSE DTM can be downloaded from the Softing website free of charge. 

Additional Information

FF-HSE DTM Data Sheet

Technical Data

Supported Services

Additional FunctionsRES2
Level Support

SmIdentifyLevel 0 Support
FmsInitiateLevel 0 Support
FmsAbort Level 0 Support
FmsRead Level 0 Support
FmsWrite Level 0 Support
ConformityGateway DTM and Communication DTM for FDT 1.2 Conformant Frame Application
CertificateFDT Group Certification
FDT Frame Application Test Systems UseddtmINSPECTOR
System Requirements

 PC / NotebookEthernet Interface, 10/100Mbit/s
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP, Windows 7 (as of August 2011)

Softing Linking Device FG-100 FF/HSE or FG-110 FF
Softing Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF
SoftwareFDT Frame Application

Scope of Delivery

FOUNDATION fieldbus HSE DTMThe FOUNDATION fieldbus HSE DTM is part of the scope of delivery of the Softing Linking Devices FG-100 FF/HSE and FG-110 FF and the Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF. It can also be downloaded free of charge under "Downloads".

Order Numbers

GLA-FK-020100Linking Device FG-100 FF/HSE
GLA-YK-020110Linking Device FG-110 FF
GLA-YK-020121Fieldbus Interface Module FIM-110 FF

Additional Products and Services


Introductory Training “FOUNDATION fieldbus”
This training is not offered as a standard training course, but tailored to individual customer requirements. It is usually held as part of a workshop and in connection with an integration project.


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