Fieldbus Kit FBK-2

Fast Implementation of Foundation™ Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA in your HART and Modbus Field Devices

If your transmitter currently communicates via serial HART or Modbus RTU, now you can offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA with Softing's ready-to-use, pre-engineered hardware board without the need for custom hardware engineering and development.  Softing's FBK-2 piggy-backs on your main device board and maps your serial HART and Modbus RTU values to Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA  -- no hardware development, comes with protocol stack, and comes with most Functions Blocks.

Fast Implementation

  • FBK-2 is a pre-engineered hardware solution for OEMs that helps you convert your serial HART or Modbus RTU transmitter, field device, or instrument to a Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA device
  • Pre-engineered, ready-to-use circuit board eliminates hardware engineering when you are ready to offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA in your field device
  • Proven hardware used in thousands of field devices
  • Fully tested protocol stack
  • Even includes custom interface when your device is not serial HART or Modbus RTU


Cost Reduction by Universal Piggy-back Solution

  • Small footprint for use inside most transmitters and field devices 
  • Ready-to-use circuit board allows you to avoid expensive new engineering and development when you are ready to offer Foundation Fieldbus H1 or PROFIBUS PA in your field device
  • Piggybacks to your main circuit board
  • Several versions available: standard version, coated version, version with solder connection and Ex version for use in explosive environments


Investment Protection Ensured by Continuous Product Development

  • Meets Foundation Fieldbus H1 requirements for Physical Layer Test and Conformance Test as well as PROFIBUS PA specifications
  • Main certification prerequisites covered
  • Development of Foundation Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA devices using same FBK-2 platform 
HardwareProcessorRenesas M16C
 RAM31 KB Internal SRAM, 440KB External SRAM
 Flash512 KB Internal
 Non-volatile RAM8 KB
 ConnectorsSamtec CLP-114-02-L-D, Samtec CLP-102-02-L-D
 Dimensions 40mm x 40mm x 10mm
 Current Consumption10 mA ... 26 mA (selectable)
 Power Supply to Device3.15 V or 6.3 V; 3 mA, 8 mA or 16 mA
 Operating / Storage Temperature-40...+80°C / -40...+85°C
 Relative Humidity5 % ... 95 % (0 °C ... 60 °C during firmware programming)
 Weight31 g
 MountingFixed by connector and 2 screws
InterfacesFieldbus InterfaceFoundation Fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA according to IEC 61158-2, power over fieldbus
 Data Interface to Field DeviceUART, I²C, SPI
 Serial Field Device InterfaceHART, Modbus RTU, Proprietary
CertificationsATEXE II 2(1) G Ex ia IIC, e II (1) D [Ex iaD]
 FM USClass I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, Temperature Class T4
Class I, Zone 0 AEx ia IIC Temperature Class T4
 FM CanadaClass I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D, Temperature Class T4
Class I, Zone 0 Ex ia IIC, Temperature Class T4
 IECExEx [ia Ga] IIC T4 Gb, [Ex ia Da] IIC
EAA-KS-021200Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version
ECA-KS-021201Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version, Conformal Coated
EIA-KS-021202Fieldbus Kit FBK-2, Standard Version with Ex Certification, Potted


Scope of Delivery

HardwareFieldbus Kit FBK-2
DocumentationHardware Description
CertificatesPhysical Layer Test Certificate, Conformance Test Certificate, ATEX Certificate, FM Certificates, IECex Certificate


Additional Products and Services

EVA-MK-020210FBK-2 Evaluation Kit Foundation Fieldbus H1
EVA-ML-020211FBK-2 Evaluation Kit PROFIBUS PA
TRA-PB-TECHPROFIBUS Technology Training

FBK-2 Evaluation Kit


Easy and Rapid Implementation of a Foundation™ Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA Prototype 

The FBK-2 Evaluation Kit includes the required hardware and software for generating a Foundation Fieldbus (FF) H1 respectively a PROFIBUS PA (PA) communication interface for HART transmitters. It is designed for ease-of-use and requires no programming. Despite restricted communication capabilities, the resulting prototype qualifies for further evaluations.  

Easy and Rapid Prototyping of Fieldbus Interface

  • Turning any HART transmitter into an FF H1 or PA field device prototype
  • Mapping a limited set of HART Universal Commands including process value to appropriate fieldbus block parameters
  • Fast and easy integration of existing HART transmitter into fieldbus network for evaluation purposes
  • Implementation through configuration only, without requiring any programming
  • Applicable for proof-of-concept of the created FF and PA communication capabilities and as platform for gathering required experience regarding full fieldbus implementation

Ideal Basis for Full Fieldbus Implementation

  • Based on hardware and software of Softing’s FBK-2 product
  • Ideal platform for developing fully functional FF and PA communication interface for field device
  • Only minor steps required to develop complete field device after completion of evaluation

Direct Usage in Applications Without Specific Preventive Measures

  • Elimination of direct contact and protection against electrostatic discharge by plastic housing
  • Possible use of interface prototype directly within fieldbus laboratory network

Applicable for Fieldbus Network Simulation

  • Simulation of process values (ramp, saw tooth)
  • Simulation of Control in the Field applications (FBK-2 Evaluation Kit FF only)


Technical Data

DatasheetFF FBK2 Evaluation Kit 
HardwareProcessorRenesas M16C62P
 RAM31 KB internal, 440 KB External SRAM
 Flash384 KB Internal
 Non-Volatile8 KB
SoftwareResource Block respectively Physical BlockStandard
 Function BlocksAnalog Input (AI), Discrete Input (DI), Analog Output (AO), Discrete Output (DO), PID1
 Transducer BlockHART Mapping
 ChannelsHART Process Value
 Link Master Capability1For Configuration as Backup Link Active Scheduler (LAS) Device
 HART ProtocolSupport of Universal HART Commands #0, #3 , #13, #18 and #48
Interfaces and ConnectorsHART InterfaceUART TTL
 Fieldbus InterfaceAccording to IEC 61158-2, Fieldbus-Powered
26mA Rated Current, max. 8mA Available for External Use
 ConnectorsPhoenix Contact MINI COMBICON Connectors
Physical PropertiesDimensions65mm x 65mm x 25mm
 Operating / Storage Temperature0°C…+55°C / -20°C…+55°C
 Relative Humidity5%...95% %, Non-Condensing
 MountingDIN rail mountable


1 Only refers to FBK-2 Evaluation Kit FF


Scope of Delivery

HardwareFBK-2 in plastic housing
SoftwareFirmware , Device Description files resp. GSD files on CD-ROM
DocumentationManual on CD-ROM


Order Numbers

EVA-MK-020210FBK-2 Evaluation Kit FF
EVA-ML-020211FBK-2 Evaluation Kit PA

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