Softing Inc. launches the next generation hardware platform, eATM tManager Series B, providing database connectivity for Rockwell Automation’s ControlLogix® PLC

Knoxville, TN, February 1, 2018 – Softing Inc. today introduces the eATM tManager Series B, in-chassis ControlLogix PLC module, the latest advancement in connectivity solutions.

tManager allows Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLCs to connect to a Microsoft SQL database to download recipes for automating production changes or upload production metrics for monitoring and optimizing processes. tManager is one of many connectivity solutions offered by Softing including OEM engineering development toolkits, PLC in-chassis modules, DIN rail gateways, and server-based connectivity solutions.

tManager Series B replaces the Series A platform and offers an increase in performance that will allow Softing to kick off a series of releases and connectivity solutions for the ControlLogix platform.  Today, tManager adds faster processing power and more memory.  This summer, look for a Softing announcement on the tManager Series B hardware platform extending solutions into the cloud.

“tManager is an example of Softing’s commitment to helping users get PLC’s connected,” said Deane Horn, Director of Marketing for Softing Inc. “For example, when customers connect production lines to MES enterprise systems to automate track and trace versus using manual processes, customers save time and money.  The launch of tManager Series B, the new hardware platform, is particularly exciting since cloud connectivity options are coming this summer.”

tManager is part of a portfolio of ControlLogix in-chassis connectivity modules for Rockwell Automation.  ControlLogix in-chassis modules include OPC Server, OPC UA Server, OPC UA MDIS Server, database and PLC connectivity solutions. 

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Both end users and System Integrators use Softing connectivity solutions to automate the flow of data from PLC to PLC and from PLC to the enterprise.  Softing is the global leader in OPC / OPC UA engineering development toolkits, in-chassis connectivity modules, DIN rail communication gateways, PC cards, and software server-based connectivity solutions.

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