Softing Inc. Launches the OPC UA MDIS Module, a ControlLogix® In-chassis PLC Module, and Extends Connectivity for Rockwell Automation Deeper into Oil & Gas

Softing simplifies the link between oil and gas platform control and the subsea electronics PLC to open and close valves on the ocean floor without manual integration reducing project risk miles offshore.

Knoxville, TN, April 6, 2018 – Softing Inc. today introduces a new PLC (programmable logic controller) module, the latest advancement in connectivity solutions for the process industries.  The Softing OPC UA MDIS module inserts into the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC chassis and allows connectivity with an OPC UA MDIS compliant DCS (distributed control system).  The OPC UA MDIS module extends Softing PLC connectivity solutions and is part of a portfolio of gateways, PLC modules, software suites, and embedded connectivity toolkits.

Softing continues to build a portfolio of connectivity solutions using OPC UA and continues to drive progress in the industrial internet of things (IIoT).  MDIS (MCS-DCS Interface Standardization) is a companion specification to the OPC UA spec defined by a committee of end users and vendors, including Softing, from the oil and gas industry.  The goal of MDIS is to define subsea assets and behaviors and expose the assets through the standardized OPC UA protocol.

“The Softing OPC UA MDIS module turns the Rockwell Automation ControlLogix PLC into an MDIS compliant PLC.  This is a great example of Softing’s commitment to help users get connected,” said Deane Horn, Director of Marketing for Softing Inc. “The topside MDIS compliant control system connects through the Softing module to the subsea MCS (Master Control System) to control valves, chokes, and ocean floor assets eliminating manual integration processes, saving customers time, money, and project risk.”

The Softing OPC UA MDIS module adds to the list of ControlLogix in-chassis connectivity modules for Rockwell Automation which now includes an OPC Server, OPC UA Server, OPC UA MDIS Server, PLC to database transactional server, and 3rd party PLC connectivity solutions.

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End users and System Integrators use Softing connectivity solutions to automate the flow of data from PLC to PLC and from PLC to the enterprise for over 50 different types of PLCs.  Softing is the global leader in OPC / OPC UA engineering development toolkits, in-chassis connectivity modules, DIN rail communication gateways, PC connectivity cards, and software server-based protocol converters.

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