Process Automation

Softing offers products and services for leveraging digital communication technologies in Process Industries.

For system integrators and end users the Softing portfolio entails USB interfaces and software for configuration and parametrization tasks utilizing CAN, PROFIBUS and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus. To the same user group Softing supplies a FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Linking Device, gateways for MODBUS TCP to FOUNDATION™ fieldbus or PROFINET to PROFIBUS PA, as well as a solution to integrate HART devices via PROFIBUS into Plant Asset Management systems.

For manufacturers of devices and host systems Softing provides solutions to integrate HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION™ fieldbus.

Fieldbus Products for End Users

Interface Cards & Gateways PROFIBUS, FOUNDATION™ fieldbus
Software Common Configuration Tool, FDT/DTM, EDDL Integration Software

OEM Fieldbus Products and Services

Software FOUNDATION fieldbus Host, FOUNDATION fieldbus Device, HART Field Device Protocol Software, Foundation fieldbus Configuration Function Library
Embedded Solutions Easy PROFIBUS PA / FOUNDATION fieldbus Integration, Fieldbus Communication Module, Fieldbus ASIC, PROFIBUS DP Master for FPGA, PROFIBUS DP Slave for FPGA, portable PROFIBUS DP Master
Development Services Controller and Field Device Integration, Certification Tests, Certification Support

Technology Trainings

Softing’s Technology Trainings address the fieldbuses PROFIBUS, Foundation fieldbus and CAN.

Use Cases and References

Read more about Use Cases in which our fieldbus products are successfully implemented in different fields of industries.

Free Software Trials

For our software products we offer free trials with the complete functionality. Runtime is limited to 90 minutes. Please see "Downloads".


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