OPC UA Client & Server SDK/Toolkit for Embedded Devices

Development of embedded OPC UA servers with client/server and publisher/subscriber communication

  • uaToolkit Embedded is certified by the OPC Foundation
  • Development of embedded OPC UA servers with client/server and publisher/subscriber communication
  • Platform-independent implementation with small footprint
  • Total costs of ownership through all-in-one license model

Embedded OPC UA servers with OPC UA publisher/ subscriber communication

  • Support of OPC UA client/server and/or OPC UA publisher/subscriber communication
  • Conformance with Nano Embedded Device Server Profile, Micro Embedded Device Server Profile und Embedded UA Server Profile of OPC Foundation
  • Sending multicast and broadcast messages, addressing needs of Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications
  • Optional support of client/server communication security
  • Support of OPC UA companion specifications by code generation from Nodeset files

Investment security through comprehensive package

  • Risk-free implementation of OPC UA server and publisher thanks to toolkit software and 3 years´ right to updates to future versions
  • Included template application of OPC UA server and publisher
  • Modular design to scale OPC UA functionality according to actual requirements

Multiple platform support and resources efficiency

  • Portable ANSI C source code compatible for every operating system supporting BSD sockets and inter-process synchronization
  • Platform layers for FreeRTOS, Linux, eCos and Windows
  • Suitable for platforms: From ARM Cortex-M3, Microchip PIC32, Espressif ESP32 to ARM Cortex-A, Intel ATOM E
  • 220 KB toolkit code (including static data) / 40 KB runtime data when implementing OPC UA server and publisher
  • 125 KB toolkit code (including static data) / 10 KB runtime data when implementing OPC UA publisher only
Technical Data
OPC specificationsOPC Unified Architecture V1.03, V1.04
OPC rolesOPC UA server, OPC UA publisher
OPC UA server profilesNano Embedded Device Server Profile, Micro Embedded Device Server Profile, Embedded UA Server Profile - OPC Lab certified
OPC UA transportsClient/server:
UA-TCP, UA-SC, UA-Binary
OPC UA securitySecurity Policies:

None, Basic128Rsa15, Basic256, Basic256Sha256, Aes128_Sha256_RsaOaep, Aes256_Sha256_RsaPss
Anonymous, User name/password
OPC UA servicesFindServer, GetEndpoint, OpenSecureChannel, CloseSecureChannel, CreateSession, ActivateSession, CloseSession, Browse, BrowseNext, TranslateBrowsePathsToNodeIds, Read, Write, Call, CreateMonitoredItems, ModifyMonitoredItems, SetMonitoringMode, SetTriggering, DeleteMonitoredItems, CreateSubscription, ModifySubscription, SetPublishingMode, Publish, Republish, DeleteSubscriptions
OPC UA node classesVariable, VariableType, Object, ObjectType, ReferenceType, DataType, Method
Programming interfaceC
Target operating systemsPortable source code for every operating system supporting BSD sockets and inter-process synchronization
Delivered platform layers: Linux, Windows, FreeRTOS, eCos
Partner-supported platform layers: μITRON, Nucleus
SecuritySupported libraries: OpenSSL, mbedTLS
Trial versionFull featured toolkit for Windows, PC Linux und Raspberry Pi Linux. The running time is limited to 90 minutes.
Toolkit featuresOPC UA companion specification support with Nodeset code generation tool. Store address space in Flash (ROM)
One thread for client/server, one thread for publisher/subscriber, optionally a thread for server subscriptions
Scalar built-in datatypes, one dimensional arrays, custom structured data types and enumerations
LicensingSingle seat developer license
Free deployment of OPC UA enabled applications without any restrictions. All features and platforms included.
Scope of Delivery
SoftwareInstallation archive available for download
SupportDedicated support team
DocumentationEnglish online help in HTML format included in installation archive
Order Numbers
LDA-DD-032202uaToolkit Embedded, source code, single seat developer license
LMA-DD-032202Maintenance agreement uaToolkit Embedded
Additional Products and Services
SEA-DD-032400OPC UA embedded engineering day
TRA-OPC-UAOPC UA introductory training for decision makers and technical leaders
  • OPC Engineering Days
  • OPC Unified Architecture Training
  • OPC-Server and -Client Practical

From OPC Data Access to OPC Unified Architecture

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