Softing Protocol IP Evaluation Kit

Complete Evaluation Package for Softing Protocol IP Solutions

The Softing Protocol IP Evaluation Kit allows evaluating the Protocol IP solutions on a hardware platform made for evaluation purposes. Together with the included MAX V license board unlimited evaluation is possible.

Ready to Use with Softing Protocol IP Solutions

  • Ready to use FPGA design for Cyclone V E board
  • Demo application included
  • Future versions available for download for free
  • Pre-certified

Full Evaluation Capabilities

  • No functional restrictions
  • No time restrictions
  • Based on pre-programmed license CPLD
Featured Devices Cyclone V E FPGA - 5CEFA7F31I7N
MAX V CPLD - 5M2210ZF256I5N (system controller)
MAX II CPLD - EPM240M100I5N (embedded USB-BlasterTM II cable)
JTAG direct via JTAG header
MemoryDDR3 x32 at 300 MHz (soft memory controller)
LPDDR2 x16 (soft memory controller)
512 MB Flash
Interfaces RJ45 (for Ethernet)
(General Purpose Input/Output)
4 pushbuttons
5 LEDs
4 DIP switches
Character LCD (16x2)

Order Numbers

KEL-AB-010001Altera Cyclone V E FPGA Development Kit and MAX V License CPLD including 8 hours of technical assistance

Scope of Delivery

Hardware Cyclone V E FPGA Development Kit
MAX V CPLD Development Kit with programmed license
Connection cable

Additional Products and Services

KAL-NN-016110 Extension board for Softing FPGA Evaluation Kit
with EIA-485 interface, required for PROFIBUS DP evaluation
SIA-YY-012501Integration workshop for implementing field devices based on Altera Cyclone FPGA family
SIA-YY-012503 Integration support by Softing specialists

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USA, Canada and Mexico

+1 865 251-5252

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