Troubleshooting with PROFIBUS Tester 5 gets machine back to 100% capacity

Alpha Grainger, manufacturer of high-precision turned parts for industries such as aerospace, medical, military, and automotive fields, was faced with ongoing alarms which reduced production capacity and even led to sudden machine stops.

Since the problem was difficult to pinpoint with the existing test equipment, the company turned to Softing's PROFIBUS Tester 5. With the meter’s ability to tell the order of the modules in the machine and the length of cables between them, it was easy to pinpoint just which cable and connector was causing the problem.

All testing with the PROFIBUS Tester 5 took under an hour and Alpha Grainger was able to get a machine back to 100% capacity that was running an extremely time sensitive job for a customer that was in immediate need of parts. Click here to read the full story.


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