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Phoenix Digital OLC and OCP Redundant Fiber Ethernet Switches Are Now Obsolete

If you need to replace your Phoenix Digital in-chassis redundant fiber communications modules — either the OLC for SLC-500 PLCs or the OCP for CompactLogix PLCs — you may be interested in the OCX or OCR modules. Because both the OLC and OCP are now obsolete, Softing now offers the Phoenix Digital OCX and OCR as viable drop-in replacements. Read our blog post for a quick overview of these network modules.

Phoenix Digital Networking Modules Connect Newer Head-End PLCs to Legacy I/O

If you are a Rockwell customer, looking for a cost-effective way to connect new head-end processors to legacy remote I/O networks, reducing expenses and minimizing the downtime associated with a legacy network upgrade, there is a solution to this challenging scenario. As a Rockwell Technology Partner, Softing offers an industrial networking solution from Phoenix Digital that lets you install the new head-end control system and keep your legacy network and legacy I/O.

How to Eliminate IT Support For Your OT Networks

Control engineers and those in the manufacturing and the process industries worry about three things taking down their processes: the machines going down, the programmable logic controllers (PLC) or devices going down, and the network going down. This is where Phoenix Digital switches come in. Part of the Rockwell Automation Technology Partner program, these purpose-built Ethernet networking devices were designed specifically for control engineers to network PLCs and Ethernet devices in manufacturing and process environments.


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