Simplify Machine Connectivity to Business Apps with Softing edgePlug Software for the Siemens Industrial Edge

Easy Provision of Control Data for Siemens Industrial Edge Applications

As part of the Siemens Industrial Edge marketplace, Softing edgePlug software products connect Siemens programmable logic controllers (PLC) to business applications through the Siemens Industrial Edge, an open, ready-to-use edge computing platform consisting of edge devices, applications and device management infrastructure.

So what does this mean for you? Once you download the edgePlug software – which are Linux-based Docker containers – from the Siemens Industrial Edge marketplace, you’ll now have access to all the services and features contained in the Siemens connectivity suite. You’ll also be able to configure and manage edgePlug centrally from the Siemens Industrial Information Hub (IIH), eliminating the need to deploy costly, specialized hardware to enable or manage your machine connectivity.

As a leading connectivity provider, Softing developed edgePlug products for older Siemens PLCs that don’t have OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) or Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) connectivity. The edgePlug uses Ethernet to connect to controllers and is ideal for any edge, cloud or on-premise application that requires access to plant floor data. To access the data, applications use the OPC UA servers or MQTT brokers available in the Siemens Industrial Edge.

Compatible Controllers

Softing edgePlug provides access to SINUMERIK 840D CNC data, delivering the information seamlessly into the Siemens Industrial Edge. Later this year, access to FANUC data will also be possible. Here’s a quick rundown of the two products, along with their respective PLCs:

  • edgePlug SINUMERIK CNC gives you access to data from Siemens 840D CNC controllers. In addition to machine data, it provides production data like drive current, axis positioning and tool data including the magazines.
  • edgePlug FANUC CNC will enable you to read machine and manufacturing data from FANUC CNC products, including 30i-B, 31i-B, 32i-B, 35i-B and 0i-F.

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