Phoenix Digital OLC and OCP Redundant Fiber Ethernet Switches Are Now Obsolete

If you are looking for a redundant fiber-networking switch for your SLC-500 or CompactLogix PLCs, although the Phoenix Digital OLC and OCP are now obsolete, Softing offers the Phoenix Digital OCX and OCR as the recommended replacements.

The OLC was an in-chassis module for SLC-500 PLCs commonly used for networking Data Highway or ControlNet remote I/O. Replacing the OLC, the OCX is a redundant fiber optic networking switch. The OCX allows you to use redundant fiber to connect PLCs across large distances and locally connect remote I/P and field devices to each OCX via Data Highway and ControlNet. This network switch can either be deployed in-chassis in ControlLogix PLC slots or DIN rail mounted and line powered.

Commonly used for networking Ethernet/IP applications, the OCP was an in-chassis PLC module for CompactLogix PLCs, and it is now replaced by the OCR. The OCR allows you to use redundant fiber to connect PLCs across large distances and connect remote I/O and field devices locally to each OCR via Ethernet/IP. This switch is mounted on a DIN rail and line powered.

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About the OCX and OCR Modules

These fiber Ethernet networking modules are built for high uptime industrial Ethernet applications like PLCs and field devices where complex IT-managed switches are not required and can hinder uptime. For example, it is common to have an IT-managed switch above PLCs for security, but these switches can become a major challenge during patch updates and bring configuration mismatches, troubleshooting changes, simple network glitches or power outages that require re-synch or re-boot.

Both modules are multi-fault tolerant and allow for hot swapping and plug-and-play without requiring command line interface programming. It only takes 10 seconds to power up each of these modules.

OCX and OCR modules can transport multiple industrial Ethernet protocols at the same time, including Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus TCP. Options for other industrial protocols are also available, such as ControlNet, Data Highway, IEC 61850, R/IO, GE Genius, RS-232, RS-485, RS-422, CTI, Siemens, Texas Instruments Remote I/O and Modbus Serial. 

The Phoenix Digital OCX module is specifically engineered for the 1756 ControlLogix platform and supports Ethernet, ControlNet, Data Highway and Modbus RTU. This module complies with 1756-RM2 and 1756-SRM redundancies and is available as an in-chassis or standalone panel mount variant.

The OCX and OCR each support 10 and 100 Mb and 1 Gb Ethernet. Both modules support single-mode or multi-mode fiber optics and are compatible with ST, SC or LC connectors. Since both are offered in DIN rail mount versions, they’re also compatible with PLCs or DCS from any vendor.

Visit the OCX and OCR product pages for more information.


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