Phoenix Digital OLC and OCP Redundant Fiber Ethernet Switches Are Now Obsolete

If you need to replace your Phoenix Digital in-chassis redundant fiber communications modules — either the OLC for SLC-500 PLCs or the OCP for CompactLogix PLCs — you may be interested in the OCX or OCR modules. Because both the OLC and OCP are now obsolete, Softing now offers the Phoenix Digital OCX and OCR as viable drop-in replacements. Read our blog post for a quick overview of these network modules.

Accelerating Digital Transformation With Easy OPC UA Implementation

In our digital transformation blog post series, we explore the central role of OPC UA for the seamless integration of information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT). Let's take a closer look at why OPC UA is important for digital transformation and which key technologies use this powerful standard for seamless data exchange.

Containerized Software Packages Simplify Connectivity for Legacy Machines

Learn how containerized software packages improve the connectivity of legacy machines in manufacturing facilities. Find out about the advantages of integrating IT and OT technologies using Docker containers, and discover how Softing's edgeConnector and edgeAggregator simplify OPC UA server integration.


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