FFusb Interface

USB Interface to Access FOUNDATION™ fieldbus H1 Networks

The FFusb Interface provides direct access to FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 segments and FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 field devices. This USB interface does not interfere with any running process control system. The product includes a free Communication DTM and offers a programming interface for integration into proprietary systems.

  • Temporary Fieldbus Access

  • Full Network Functionality

  • FDT Frame Integration

Quick-and-Easy Access to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Networks

The FFusb Interface provides direct access to FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks from any Notebook or PC via a USB interface. The small form factor and portability makes it easy to carry this interface board to the shop floor, temporarily attach it to the fieldbus, and interact with individual field devices. The FFusb Interface eliminates the need to install expensive stationary equipment to gain network access simultaneous to the host system.

Full Parameterization, Configuration and Monitoring Functionality

The FFusb interface is ideally suited for a “benchtop” setup to perform tasks like preconfiguration and firmware updates of FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 devices. In addition, the interface is capable of configuring small FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 networks and monitoring individual field devices, Function Blocks, and Function Block parameters. In summary, the functionality included with the FFusb Interface eliminates the need to carry various individual products and makes this product an ideal companion to any process control system.

Easy Integration into FDT Frame Applications and Other Systems

The FFusb interface includes a high-performance FOUNDATION fieldbus Communication DTM that supports all standard FDT container applications. This Communication DTM enables the data exchange between devices connected to the FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 network and the appropriate Device DTM. In addition, the product is designed to support compliant asset management systems. The programming interface (API) of the FFusb Interface supports the tight integration into individual configuration and device parameterization systems. For example, Yokogawa’s FieldMate configuration tool, Version R2.03 or higher, utilizes this API to provide built-in support for the FFusb Interface.

More information to Yokogawa’s FieldMate Versatile Device Management Software
FieldMate Lite, a trial version of R3.01 is available on Yokogawa's website


Hardware   Processor   Renesas M32    
RAM   1MB   
Flash   1MB   
Software   FOUNDATION Fieldbus Functionality    > Automatic Detection of LAS or “Visitor” Role
> Acyclic Read/Write access to FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Field Device Parameters
> Acyclic Read-only Access to Process Values of FOUNDATION FieldbusvH1 Field Devices
Fieldbus Interface    Supported Protocol    FOUNDATION fieldbus H1    
Interface   FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Network    
Connector   3 Pin Screw Connector, Galvanically Isolated    
Transfer Rate    31.25kbit/s   
LED Indication    FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 Power, USB Status, Traffic    
Additional Information    Power Supply    Powered over USB Interface (5V, 300mA)    
Power Consumption from Fieldbus    13mA   
Degree of Protection    IP20   
Operation / Storage Temperature    0°C...+55°C / -20°C...+70°C    
Housing / Dimensions    Aluminium / 69mm x 24mm x 124mm    
Weight   Approximately 200g    
Cooling   Convection, No Fan    
Certification   CE   EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-4; EN 55022 Limit Class A    
FCC   Part 15 Subpart B Class A    
VCCI   Class 2 Information Technology Equipment 2002    
Shock / Vibration    DINIEC68-Part2   
Application Interface    FDT / DTM    Communication DTM for FDT 1.2 Conformant Frame Application    
Application Programming Interface    FFusb API Interface Description, V1.01    
System Requirements    PC / Notebook    USB Interface    
Supported Operating Systems    XP (32-bit), Win7 (32 and 64 bit), Win8.1 (32 and 64 bit) 
DUA-KK-020300FFusb Interface  
DUL-KK-020302FFusb Interface + Test Equipment Set (see "Accessories")

Scope of Delivery

Software   USB Driver
AccessoriesUSB 2.0 Cable, FOUNDATION fieldbus Connector (3 Pin Screw Connector)
  • API Manual
  • DTM Manual
  • Yokogawa FieldMate Interface Manual

Additional Products and Services

APL-KL-020601    Fieldbus Labkit

FDT Support for the Softing FFusb Interface Card

The FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) H1 Communication Device Type Manager (DTM) allows Field Device Tool (FDT) conformant frame applications to access an FF H1 network via Softing’s FFusb interface card. It provides a flexible and mobile solution for easy parameterization and diagnostics of individual FF H1 field devices. 
  • Comprehensive Range of Use
  • Fast Commissioning Description Files
  • Easy Licensing

Comprehensive Range of Use with Standard FDT Frame Applications

The FF H1 Communication DTM provides seamless integration of standard FDT frame applications like SMART VISION, FieldMate, Field Device Manager, FieldCare or PACTware with Softing’s USB to FF H1 interface card FFusb. It allows transparent access to field devices supporting the FDT standard, which are connected to the referring FF H1 network. Comprehensive FDT / DTM functionality is supported, including easy parameterization and diagnostics.

Fast Commissioning of FF H1 Networks

The FF H1 Communication DTM is designed to assist in the commissioning of FF installations using a universal FDT based software tool. It provides a modern user interface including tooltips and online help. If the Device DTMs of the individual FF H1 field devices connected to the FFusb interface card are available at the PC together with the FDT frame application, these field devices are automatically identified and entered into the live list together with all included device and manufacturer information. Furthermore, the FF H1 Communication DTM provides a logging mechanism for error and trace messages, connection monitoring, and supports the FDT upload and download functionality.

Easy Licensing with FFusb Interface Card

The FF H1 Communication DTM is included in the scope of delivery of the Softing FFusb interface card. Thus the FFusb license also includes the FF H1 Communication DTM license and no additional license needs to be obtained to make use of the individual FF H1 Communication DTM advantages. Alternatively, the FF H1 Communication DTM can be downloaded from the Softing website free of charge.

Additional Information

FF-H1COMM-DTM Data Sheet

Technical Data

Supported ServicesConnect
Additional FunctionsRES2
Level SupportSmIdentifyLevel 0 Support
FmsInitiateLevel 0 Support
FmsAbortLevel 0 Support
FmsReadLevel 0 Support
FmsWriteLevel 0 Support
ConformityCommunication DTM for FDT 1.2 Conformant Frame Application
CertificateFDT Group Certification
FDT Frame Application Test Systems UseddtmINSPECTOR
System RequirementsPC / NotebookUSB 2.0 Interface
Supported Operating SystemsWindows XP, Windows 7 (as of August 2011)
HardwareSofting FFusb Interface
SoftwareFDT Frame Application

Scope of Delivery

FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Communication DTMThe FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 Communication DTM is part of the scope of delivery of the Softing FFusb Interface. It can also be downloaded free of charge under "Downloads".

Order Number

DUA-KK-020300FFusb Interface
DUL-KK-020302FFusb Interface + Test Equipment Set

Additional Products and Services

TRA-FF-GLIntroductory Training “FOUNDATION fieldbus”
This training is not offered as a standard training course, but tailored to individual customer requirements. It is usually held as part of a workshop and in connection with an integration project.

Test Equipment Set

The Test equipment set for FFusb is a two-wire measuring lead with 3 different styles of probe adapters: test probe, clamp-type test probe and crocodile clip. Especially designed to be used together with the FFusb in field-level use cases.


Fieldbus Labkit

Ideal for Bench Host Applications in Combination with Softing’s FFusbThe Fieldbus labkit consists out of two 1,20m H1 fieldbus cable and a Relcom F11 labkit – a consistent usefull combination of power conditioner and hub.  

Order Number:

APL-KL-020601        fieldbus labkit

Additional Information:

 FF Fieldbus Labkit Data Sheet